• Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

It wasn’t long after Peter began his work in the industry that he was recognised for his unbeatable work ethic. To this day, this is still one of Peter’s greatest attributes. After taking the opportunity to contract his services in the late 90’s, Peter earned his reputation as a valuable worker who completed every job to a very high standard.

Word of Peter’s reputation got out quickly and before long he had more work than he could manage alone. He employed help and formed Flocon Ltd in 2001. It was then that he and his team began contracting to large mechanical companies all over Auckland.

Flocon began as a small team of just four. For a number of years, Peter and the original Flocon team completed projects for a large Auckland HVAC company. It was here that he met Darrell, our other Flocon Director, who was a Project Manager at the time. The two developed such a strong working relationship that what happened next seemed like a natural turn of events.

Peter wanted to take Flocon to the next level and encouraged Darrell to join him. Sure enough, in 2012 the two were in partnership and formed Flocon Mechanical Ltd.

By day Peter is the mastermind behind Flocon, but by night he is a father to two boys, Jed and Marshall, and husband to Stacey.

It’s thanks to Peter’s hard work and determination that have made Flocon what it is today.