Use our easy heat pump calculator to find out which size heat pump you need

Heat pumps come in a variety of styles and capacities making it difficult to choose the right heat pump for your home. When purchasing a heat pump, many customers become overwhelmed with the array of choices and simply don’t know where to begin.

Our heat pump calculator has been created for this very purpose. It takes all the guess work out of choosing a heat pump and significantly narrows down the choices for our customers.

The heat pump calculator gathers the information it needs based on the size and insulation type of the space you’re looking to heat. Combining these two factors, the heat pump calculator will produce the capacity needed to successfully heat your space.

It’s simple to use. Just select one of the room size options (small, medium or large). If you’re unsure of this, we have created a custom tab where you can add specific measurements.

Next, select from one of four insulation options. Each option comes with a short description to guide you through this step.

Once you have filled these fields, select the Get Recommendations button. The heat pump calculator will then give you the recommended kW capacity for your new heat pump. If you’re not quite ready to shop for a heat pump just yet, simply select Email this Selection and have the information sent to your email for future use.

It’s much easier to find the perfect heat pump when you know what capacity to look for. The results from the heat pump calculator ensure you’re better equipped to choose from the range of high wall heat pumps, floor consoles, ceiling mounted heat pumps and ducted central heating.

Still not sure what to choose? The heat pump calculator results screen will also show a Book a Consultation button that will direct you to a contact page. All results from the heat pump calculator will be forwarded to us at the same time so we have plenty of information when going into a consultation with you.

Consultations are free and conducted in your home to ensure we offer the best possible solution.

If choosing a heat pump is proving to be a challenge, try our heat pump calculator. With the click of a mouse you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect heat pump.

Give our team a call and book your free in-home consultation.

As leading providers of quality heat pumps and air conditioners, Mitsubishi-Electric recommends a free in-home consultation and quote are always completed by an approved Mitsubishi-Electric dealer like Flocon before you purchase your new system.

There are many things to consider when you have a heat pump installed and we have the knowledge to advise you on this. We look at insulation and building orientation that can affect the degree of heat loss in the space you are considering and of course, older buildings lose indoor heat much quicker due to the lack of insulation, or a modern insulated building that faces North and gets sun all day.

All these factors matter and can mean you may need a bigger heat pump system which is geared to overcome heat loss.