For tight installation spaces our Ceiling Concealed (ducted) Heat Pump units, at a slim 200mm in height are the ideal option. These units are mounted in the ceiling space and are unseen in the air conditioned space, the only notable or visible presence is the supply and return air grilles.

Barely noticeable with the unobtrusive lines, this unit blends perfectly into the ceiling while providing low-profile heating or cooling.

For whisper quiet operation our Ceiling Concealed (ducted) Heat Pump units operate at a hushed 23dB, ideal for your home or office, giving you a calm, comfortable and relaxed environment to live or work in. Created with energy efficiency in mind the ceiling units offer low energy consumption and are the key to cost-effective heating and cooling.

Inbuilt filters keep the air clean by removing dust and particles and maintenance is as simple as vacuuming the grille exterior.

So, if you want your heating and cooling to be felt but not seen then this is the option for you. Find out more about our ducted heat pump options and whether they are right for you.

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