These units are more suited to large rooms with high stud areas. They tend to have high airflows and therefore suitable for commercial applications. Because these Ceiling Suspended Heat Pump units are lightweight and compact and with an aesthetic curved form they are an ideal companion to complement your office or business interior. With clean, sharp lines this unit blends seamlessly, providing low-profile heating or cooling.

With automatic air speed adjustments and 4-speed settings, our suspended units are equipped to adjust the air speed to match the room environment. For the purpose of reaching the ideal temperature quickly, at the start of heating or cooling, airflow is automatically set to high-speed to quickly heat or cool the room. When the room temperature reaches your desired setting, the airflow speed automatically drops back, for stable operation mode.

Our Ceiling Suspended Heat Pump units are equipped with high and low ceiling operation modes. This function enables the unit to switch the airflow volume to not only reach temperature settings but to also account for room height. The ability to choose the optimum airflow volume makes it possible to optimise the breezy sensation felt throughout the room.

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