With our Multi-Split System Heat Pumps system, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor unit for each room. These models are designed to allow several indoor units (regardless of capacity or type) to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This enables you to choose the model that is most suitable to each individual room in your home. For example, you may want a super quiet, low capacity unit for a smaller bedroom and a stylish, higher capacity unit for the larger living room.

When you install the Multi-Split System Heat Pumps you not only reduce the number of outdoor units required, but you have the option of adding more indoor units at any time which is energy saving and very quiet.

Mitsubishi Electric inverter control distributes tempered air in the shortest period of time and ensures that the system operates at ideal capacity, minimising energy wastage.

All units on our multi-room systems allow individual control of air conditioning in each space, so you can adjust the temperature to suit the required comfort levels of that space; it also allows you to ensure that each unit is only operating when needed.

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