With these three tips, you can improve how to run your heat pump efficiently this winter.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home in winter. Here are three ways you can increase the efficiency of your heat pump.

Heat pumps are now one of the top three choices for heating in New Zealand and are considered a must-have item by many.


Not only are heat pumps energy-saving and eco-friendly, but also cost-friendly when they are running efficiently.

Myth busted: you don’t need to have your heat pump running all day every day to make it run efficiently

In the depths of the cold winter months, it may seem like a good idea to leave your heat pump running all day. In fact, it’s been a frequently asked question! It seems to be a common myth among many that you should have your heat pump running all the time for it to be effective. While it is nice to come home after work or school to a completely warm home, you do not need to run it all day.

Did you know that it only takes a heat pump 10-20 minutes, depending on the model and size of the room, to bring a room up to temperature?

To have a heat pump run at its most efficient – especially cost-wise, it is not a good idea to have it running all day every day.

The ideal temperature setting for a heat pump is around 18-20 degrees. At this temperature, a heat pump is going to be running at it’s most efficient. If you like it warmer, then that’s absolutely fine too! Just be wary of how long you are running your heat pump at high temperatures. Consider whether you need to really to heat the whole house at that temperature or only part of it. Shutting doors to unused rooms will help your heat pump do its job even more efficiently.

1. Check your heat pump settings

Most heat pump models have a timer function, so you can set your heat pump to start heating a room or rooms, 20 minutes before you arrive home.

Even better, if you have a Wi-Fi controlled model, you can set temperatures and operate your heat pump from anywhere through the convenience of your phone, tablet, or online account.

If your heat pump isn’t heating your room this quickly, it may pay to have a professional check that you have the correct model or have a service done.

Keep the heat inside – where you need it

While heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home, make sure your home is insulated. Even something simple like having the right curtains is going to compliment your heat pump system. Making sure your heat is staying where you want it – inside!

A heat pump’s performance is going to be far more efficient if you use it correctly and keep the heat indoors. It’s not only going to make your heat pump more efficient but also saves you money, saves energy and saves the planet all at the same time!

A heat pump that is installed correctly, with the right size and model working in tandem with insulation is going to make for a more comfortable home. It’s will save you plenty of dollars, especially through winter when you are running your heat pump more often.

2. Check you are up to date with heat pump maintenance

Making sure your heat pump is maintained is essential to run it efficiently.  By keeping up with maintenance it will help to keep running costs down – because everything will be working correctly!

Regular servicing and making sure the filters are clean is going to mean your heat pump is in tip-top shape. It also means you are getting the most out of your heat pump and more bang for your buck.

Check filter heat pump filters

3. How often should I have my heat pump cleaned or serviced?

It’s recommended that you should have your heat pump serviced with the change of each season, just to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Regular cleaning of both your indoor and outdoor heat pump will make the world of difference too.

You can give your indoor heat pump a clean yourself using a vacuum cleaner over the vents. It will help if you have a small brush attachment to get into the hard to reach places. Or, you can have it professionally cleaned and make sure the job is done right!

Cleaning your outdoor unit every 6 months with a simple wash is going to help your heat pump run more efficiently. Don’t forget to check that no weeds are growing in or around the outdoor unit. Keeping the outdoor unit clean ensures sufficient airflow through the unit and no blockages!

Get the most from your heat pump

It’s always a good idea to get your heat pump systems cleaned and serviced by a professional. They have a wealth of knowledge and can make sure everything is working as it should be.

By keeping your heat pump running efficiently will ensure your home is comfortable and warm. If you have the correct settings and regular servicing, your heat pump will run at its best. You will also save money too!

Get in touch with us to find out if your heat pump is due for a service or how we can help you to make sure your heat pump is running at its most efficient.