There are many ways in which heat pumps benefit the consumer. From reduced heating costs to improved air quality, we often discuss the reasons why heat pumps can help you. But with climate control being such a hot topic at the moment, it’s time to cover the reasons why installing a heat pump is not only beneficial to you, but to the environment as well.

Every day we are surrounded by messages relating to climate control.

Future plans to reduce our carbon footprint are constantly being put in place to ensure we lessen our environmental impact.

Perhaps you’re saying no to plastic, riding your bike to work or reducing waste, but have you looked into the way you’re heating your home?

Carbon emissions and high energy use are major concerns when it comes to climate change. Unfortunately, traditional methods of heating a home are right up there when we look at appliances that are bad for the environment. Any heating that requires the burning of gas, coal or wood produce harmful levels of Carbon Dioxide. And heaters that need electricity to generate heat require a high level of energy to perform.

All in all, traditional heating methods are on their way out and environmentally sustainable solutions are on the way in.

How heat pumps help in the fight against climate control

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Heat pumps do not create heat

We know now that releasing heat into the atmosphere is not great for the environment. This is why heat pumps have been designed to work without actually creating heat.

How is that possible, you ask?

Heat pumps work by moving available heat from one place to another. Even when the air outside is cold, there is still plenty of available heat to bring indoors. As the outdoor temperatures drop, heat pumps will simply work harder to transfer the same amount of heat.

When set to heating mode, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the air and transfers it through as refrigerant.

The heat is then pumped through copper pipes to reach the indoor heat exchanger and deliver warmth into the room.

When set to cooling mode, it works in the opposite direction. Heat is absorbed from the indoors through the refrigerant and pumped outdoors through the copper pipes.

Heat pumps are energy efficient

Energy efficiency is a benefit we put a lot of emphasis on, simply because heat pumps are known for being superior in efficiency.

Not only are homes across New Zealand seeing the difference in their energy consumption, but the government agency EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) also recognise heat pumps as one of the most energy efficient forms of heating.

Whilst the reduced figure on your monthly power bill will probably be what you notice most, the lower energy required for heat pumps to perform is what makes them better for the environment. Heat pumps perform at a very high standard but don’t actually need a lot of energy to do so. This is because the heat output is far greater that the energy input.

Heat pumps are long-lasting and reliable

Heat pumps are designed to last a long time which means they do not contribute to landfill at a noticeable rate. They typically last around 15 years and with regular maintenance and servicing, you can ensure your heat pump will go the distance.

Here at Flocon, we have chosen to work with Mitsubishi Electric products and there’s avery good reason for this. Mitsubishi Electric has been a trusted and reliable brand for over 30 years with several awards to prove it.

Traditional heating methods are not known for their reliability and often come with a short life span. When these appliances no longer work, they become yet another item in our landfill.

When you purchase a heat pump, you want to know it’s going to stand the test of time.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps come with that promise.

Heat pumps have heating and cooling all in one unit

Rather than having to purchase multiple appliances for heating and cooling, heat pumps come with both functions in a single unit.

The convenience alone is enough for heat pump users to see the benefits in this, but having only one appliance to run two important features is also great for the environment. Rather than purchasing two products with questionable reputations, purchase one reliable product that is going to meet your year-round needs.

With a reduction in both energy consumption and waste, you’ll be doing your bit for climate control.

As climate control is becoming a serious issue across the globe, doing our bit is vital to the bigger picture. We have learnt a lot over the past couple of decades about what we need to change and how best to change it. And heating is a major concern with it comes to climate control.

The benefits of heat pumps far surpass their traditional counterparts and more and more New Zealanders are quickly realising this. With benefits to both you and the environment, installing a heat pump brings only good things.

If you’re thinking of replacing your heating methods with a heat pump, call us today. We can arrange for a technician to assess your space and advise which system would suit you best. It’s time to join the progress and do your bit for climate change.