Moisture and condensation can be very detrimental to you and your family’s health. If left untreated, moisture and condensation can lead to mould, releasing a range of harmful pathogens in the home. Heat pumps work to increase ventilation, which means they can reduce the presence of mould and provide healthy home heating.

It’s no secret that a damp home is a major contributor to health issues. As the winter air outside gets colder, condensation collects around windows and causes a level of dampness that can quickly permeate your home.

Heat pumps are primarily used for heating and cooling but also have dehumidifying benefits that combat excess moisture. While heating, heat pumps can dry out window condensation. But the devices also have a dehumidifying mode which can be set to offer even more effective moisture reduction.

If you are struggling with moisture and condensation, consider these tips for keeping it under control.

moisture and condensation

Ventilation and insulation should be top priority

Without adequate ventilation and insulation, no amount of dehumidifying can tackle moisture effectively.

New Zealand homes have been undergoing a transformation in recent years to ensure they are well-insulated and healthy. We are on our way to improving home insulation through new builds and the government-backed EECA Warm Up New Zealand programme which offers insulation subsidies to homes in need.

It’s only been in the last couple of decades that we’ve really understood the value of great ventilation and insulation. When mould gets into your home, it can be very difficult to get rid of, so preventative measures need be taken to avoid this happening.

If you are struggling to keep moisture at bay, take a look at the quality of your home ventilation and insulation. Once this is sorted, you’re on your way to a much healthier home.

installing home insulation

Install a heat pump to reduce moisture and condensation for a healthy home

Other heating methods are also very inefficient to run. Once you switch on the power, you may be waiting a long time for the heat to build up and eventually circulate in a room. As heaters can’t distribute heat evenly, they create ‘hot spots’, meaning you’ll need more than one to ensure multiple rooms are heated at one time.

Heat pumps have been designed to heat instantly and distribute warm air evenly.

With new Split Vane technology, you can aim the air in different directions to ensure every corner of the room achieves the desired temperature.

Conventional heating methods can be costly. Not just in price, but in the health of your home too.

Condensation forms when the indoor temperature is warm and outdoor temperatures are cold. Whilst conventional heating methods may effectively heat your home, they are unable to reduce the amount of condensation produced.

Heat pumps are different!

Warm air circulates and dries condensation at the same time. They also filter the air so any pathogens that may be circulating in your home are eliminated though the heat pump filtration system.

It’s benefits like these that have earned heat pumps the reputation of healthy home heating.

healthy home heating

Use dry mode for heating and dehumidifying

The great thing about heat pumps is that there’s more than one way to use them. Unlike wood burners and heaters, heat pumps are designed to do much more than just heat.

We already know that heat pumps double as air conditioners, but did you know about all the other modes they can be set to?

When it comes to healthy home heating, it makes sense to offer a heating solution with dehumidifying qualities. Heat pumps do exactly that when set to Dry Mode.

Dry Mode is a fantastic way to control moisture while heating your home during winter. We recommend you use Dry Mode when the room is already heated, as the heat pump will not actually heat in Dry Mode but it will retain warmth within 2oC.

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Understanding the way heat pumps work opens your mind to what it means to truly have healthy home heating.

At Flocon, we are dedicated to improving the health of homes in the Auckland area. To do so, we believe heat pumps should be your number one choice of heating systems.

Heat pumps are undoubtedly the most effective form of heating.

With the ability to set them to different modes, heat pumps can be customised to suit a number of situations, including moisture and condensation.

If you are looking to invest in healthy home heating, call us today.