City Multi Hybrid VRF

City Multi Hybrid VRF

The future of commercial heating and cooling, the Mitsubishi Electric VRF Heat Pump technology is designed for today’s building needs.

With emphasis placed on energy efficiency, adaptability, reliability and control, City Multi VRF addresses the most current market issues, utilising integrated air conditioning, hot water, ventilation and control solutions.

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Suitable for medium to large buildings that demand high performance with optimum efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Hybrid VRF range can run numerous indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Hybrid VRF (variable refrigerant flow) is the cutting edge in commercial air-conditioning technology – the only two-pipe simultaneous heating and cooling system in the world. Proven in the field under rigorous conditions, two-pipe technology is not only cheaper to install, but is durable, reliable, energy-efficient and provides superior levels of control accuracy.

What is Hybrid VRF?

Hybrid VRF is a unique 2-Pipe Heat Recovery VRF System that replaces refrigerant with water between the Hybrid Branch Circuit Controller and the indoor units.

This revolutionary design minimises the need for expensive and on-going leak detection servicing and is specifically designed for occupied spaces where quiet, energy efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling is valued.

Hybrid VRF is quick, easy and flexible to design and install using the same control and network as traditional VRF systems. Furthermore, the decentralised system means phased installation is possible with similar high levels of seasonal efficiency expected with VRF.

Water Based Technology

Water, rather than traditional refrigerant is at the heart of the indoor units. This means there is minimal risk of refrigerant leaking into small confined spaces. Hybrid VRF minimises the need for leak detection, reducing the total cost of the system and on-going maintenance of the leak detection system itself.

Low Environmental Impact

Mitsubishi Electric has long been a pioneer in the world of air conditioning, moving away from R410A refrigerant to low GWP alternatives like R32. This is the world’s first R32 Hybrid VRF product range putting the company at the forefront of the industry.

The system utilises the low GWP refrigerant R32, providing a real solution that delivers high operational efficiency whilst minimising the global warming potential of the refrigerants used within these systems.


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The Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Hybrid VRF can be installed in conjunction with a commercial hot water heat pump.


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