Whether it’s for a small display unit or a large walk-in freezer, we have the right commercial refrigeration model to fit your unique needs.

From unit coolers to air cooled condensers, condensing units and racks, we supply the refrigeration unit you need to keep cool.





Commercial refrigeration is a core requirement for any business that sells stores or prepares chilled or perishable items.

Whether it’s for a beer fridge, cool room, restaurant fridge, wine cooler or walk in freezer, we have the right commercial refrigeration model to fit your unique needs.

Flocon specialises in the refrigeration requirements of small to medium commercial businesses, liquor stores, restaurants and butchers that are energy efficient and cost-effective.

We supply and install rack systems, air-cooled condensers and unit coolers for refrigerated cabinets, cases, cool rooms, and freezers. We also provide and install refrigeration condensing units and evaporators for cool rooms.

We understand the difference between residential and commercial refrigeration – these products are opened multiple times daily and need a rapid chill capacity to maintain an even temperature.

Whether you want to present your products to customers, keep them fresh, prepare food in sanitary conditions or keep that vintage bottle or merlot at the perfect temperature, we can do it all.

Whatever your requirements, we will have a fridge, freezer, or storage unit that fits your business needs. Talk to us today about selecting the correct grade of machine for your needs and budget.



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