Swimming pool heat pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps

Installing a hot water heat pump system will allow you to extend your swimming season to six months or even more.

Like all Mitsubishi Electric products, their commercial hot water heat pumps are efficient, reliable and will save you money



For many hospitality businesses, swimming pools are a feature that attracts guests. However, without some form of heating, you can only use a pool for three months of the year.

After solar energy, a heat pump hot water system is the most energy and cost-efficient method of heating a pool, with one major advantage –  you know the water will be warm whenever you need it to be and will maintain a constant, pre-set temperature. With a heat pump system, you can extend your swimming season to six months or even more. Commercial heat pump hot water systems produce 16 times more energy than they consume – now that is efficient!

Key features of Mitsubishi swimming pool heat pumps

  • Reliable, year-round water heating
  • Inverter driven for maximum energy efficiency
  • Water temperatures over 40°C
  • Operation in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant
  • Easy to use LCD Wall Controller with 7 Day Timer
  • “Eco” heating mode for outdoor ambient temperature compensation
  • Cooling mode available
  • Compact design


PUHZ-(H)W system: 5~14kW Packaged Hot Water Heat Pumps with built in heat exchanger.

The PUHZ-(H)W Series has three packaged systems to choose from: PUHZ-W50 with 5kW of heating for smaller applications, PUHZ-W85 with 9kW of heating for medium-sized applications, and PUHZ-HW140 with 14kW of heating.  internal 316 stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger

PUHZ-RP Series: 8.0~16kW Split Type Hot Water Heat Pumps with Vaportec HXTi titanium coil heat exchangers.

You can choose from: 8.0kW, 11.2kW, 14.0kW or 16.0kW of heating, suitable for heating swimming pools.

PWFY-P~AU Series: 12.5~25kW Hot Water Modules. Can be installed in conjunction with City Multi VRF air conditioning.

VRF Water Heating Units are the latest technological breakthrough from the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Range, with the ability to heat or cool water more efficiently than ever before. The PWFY-P~AU indoor modules can be installed in conjunction with standard City Multi VRF air conditioning indoor units, creating huge potential for heat recovery.

Available in two sizes: PWFY-P100VM-E-AU (12.5kW heating / 11.2kW cooling) and PWFY-P200VM-E-AU (25.0kW heating / 22.4kW cooling) which are modular to allow the creation of larger solutions. Suitable applications for pre-heating sanitary water (through energy recovery), swimming pools, underfloor heating, low temperature hot water for fan coil units and convectors, hydroponics, aquaculture and water chilling.

Selection guide

The heat pump size required depends on the environmental aspects of the pool, including location and construction, the temperature of the pool, and air temperature. The most important factor is the pool water surface area as this is where heat is lost through evaporation. Installing a pool cover is the best way to retain this heat.

Due to the large number of variables, a simple calculation of heat pump capacity is not always possible. Our friendly team is always available to discuss your requirements

              pool heat pump selection                                                                                           


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