It’s taken a little longer for the cold to really kick in this year, but it’s safe to say winter is now well and truly here. While we scramble to keep ourselves warm, the cost of heating hangs over our heads. Fortunately, there are a few surprisingly effective tips on how to reduce energy costs this winter.

Power prices have been a hot topic in the media lately as consumers have noticed huge increases in their monthly bills over the last few years. During winter, opening your power bills can be a nerve-racking experience.

Your comfort shouldn’t have to come at a compromise.

We should be able to enjoy warm, healthy homes without the fear of huge energy bills.

We can achieve this, we just might need to make a few changes here and there.

Here are a few ideas on how to reduce energy costs.

Reduce heating costs

Clean your heat pump filters

Ideally, you should be cleaning your heat pump filters every two weeks. As the filters are there to prevent dust and allergens from entering your home, the build-up accumulates quickly. Not only are clean filters important for a healthy home, but they also go a long way in ensuring your heat pump is running at optimum efficiency.

If the dust build-up is too dense, your heat pump will have to work harder to break through the barrier. The harder it has to work, the more energy it will have to use.

Keep your heat pump filters as clean as possible to ensure you are getting the most out of your energy-efficient appliance.

Change power companies and see how you can reduce energy costs

There have been some major revelations in the last few years when it comes to power companies and the difference in what they charge.

If you’ve been experiencing large energy bills for some time now, it might be worth looking into switching to a power company that better suits your level of energy usage.

Nowadays, we have numerous options when it comes to choosing a power company, especially if we have a smart meter. Take a look at for direct comparisons and easy switchovers. You might see some big savings!

Reduce energy costs by fixing those drafts and air leaks

Drafts and air leaks are some of the main culprits in high heating bills. If the joinery in your home is looking a bit old and tired, chances are there are some leaks that are letting the cold air in and the warm air escape.

Detecting an air leak is easy. All you’ll need to do is hold a lighter near the edge of the window or door frame. If the flame flickers, it’s a good sign there’s some cold air sneaking through the cracks.

Place a sticker on the areas that need addressing and have a professional come and re-seal them for you.

The same goes for drafts underneath closed doors. Particularly in homes with wooden flooring, drafts can be a big problem in trying to retain heat. You can ask a professional to apply rubber draft stoppers to the base of each door, or you could cut costs and purchase a few nifty draft stoppers yourself.

There’s no point trying to heat a home if the warmth is allowed to escape. Fix air leaks and drafts and see what a huge difference it makes.

Invest in thermal curtains or blinds to retain heat

Your curtains act as an extra layer of insulation. This is often another area that can be overlooked when trying to reduce energy costs.

Few people are aware of the impact curtains have in retaining warmth. If you place your hand on your window on a wintry morning, you’ll feel how cold it is. If the cold isn’t blocked by something, it’ll quickly lower the temperature in your home.

If you have any heating appliances running, curtains are also your best bet at keeping in as much warmth as possible. Investing in good, thermal curtains or blinds is something you’ll never regret.

Curtains play a huge role in retaining heat and should be one of the first areas to address if you want to reduce energy costs.

It’s also important to draw your curtains at dusk.

In winter, you really need to make the most of the sunshine when you get it. The sun isn’t around as long and dusk hits much earlier. Draw your curtains before the sun disappears completely as it will retain some of the heat left over from the day.

Even if it’s been a cold day, it’s still possible to retain some heat and you need to take it while it’s still available.

If you draw your curtains once it’s dark outside, you may find you have to turn on your heating appliances earlier.

Upgrade your heating methods and reduce energy costs

Heating still remains the biggest culprit in causing high energy bills. If you’re using out-dated heating methods such as fan heaters and oil heaters, you’ll no doubt be paying through the roof for power this year.

The cost of heating has long been an issue, but heating is something we shouldn’t have to live without.

Mitsubishi Electric puts energy efficiency at the forefront of all heat pump designs. As their technology becomes more advanced, so too does the efficiency of this heating method.

Having a heat pump installed eliminates the need for less efficient heating in your home. This is especially the case if you opt for ducted heating or multi-room heat pumps. Each heat pump also has a number of advanced features that can help reduce energy costs even further.

The even distribution of heat from a heat pump is what sets it apart from any other heating source. At the touch of a button, heat pumps can bring a room to comfortable temperatures within seconds.

The reason heat pumps are so much more affordable to run is because they don’t actually create heat.

Heat pumps take whatever heat is available near the outdoor unit and ‘pump’ it through to the indoor unit. While it may be an extremely cold day, there is still plenty of heat available to transfer inside.

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We’re coming into some of the coldest months of the year and heating will be a necessity for every home in New Zealand. With a few small changes here and there, you can reduce energy costs while still staying warm.

If you’re looking to bring ultimate comfort and warmth into your home this winter, your best option is to have a heat pump installed.

We service the entire Auckland region in both heat pump installation and maintenance so call us today and bring the best heating option into your home.

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