Temperature has a major effect on a workplace environment. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, neither extreme is easy to work under. As an employer you need to easily find a happy medium that suits everyone. However, the inability to adjust workplace temperatures is still an ongoing issue in offices all over New Zealand.

So far, this summer has been one of the hottest on record. It’s hard enough maintaining a decent level of concentration in a hot home, let alone a hot office.

As it turns out, temperature is one of the main causes for complaint in a workplace.

Our bodies thrive in optimum thermal conditions, so we should be striving for the perfect temperature in all working environments.

If your employees have been sweltering in the summer heat, chances are they’ll be shivering come winter. Achieving the right workplace temperature doesn’t need to be impossible. A heat pump could be the answer to all your temperature issues.

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Can’t adjust workplace temperatures? Expect disgruntled employees

Of all the offices gripes out there, the inability to adjust workplace temperatures is right at the top of the list.

To be fair, employees have a right to complain if their working conditions are not comfortable. In fact, they should complain. The simple fact that it is extremely difficult to stay alert in hot or cold condition, is reason enough to ensure temperatures can and should be adjusted in every workplace.

Heat pumps and air conditioning are becoming such a necessity that it is uncommon to find workplaces without them.

But obviously, there are still plenty that haven’t had them installed.

If you want to see a reduction in complaints and an increase in staff performance, investing in this efficient form of heating and cooling is a must!

Heat pumps and air conditioning are a simple solution to an unnecessary workplace issue. The inability to adjust temperatures is not just an office gripe, it’s a health and safety issue as well.

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What is the effect of uncomfortable workplace temperatures?

One of the body’s most important functions is to regulate temperature. When it’s too hot or too cold, our bodies use energy to maintain a healthy core temperature. This is the reason why we shiver or sweat – our bodies are simply trying to avoid harmful results such as heat stroke or hypothermia.

We may not be aware that our bodies are working hard to regulate our temperature, particularly if are behind a desk. But the harder our bodies work to get comfortable, the more depleted our energy becomes.

Low energy results in lack of cognitive function and our focus, decision-making and performance will all suffer as a result.

Research suggests that the body requires more energy to cool down than to warm up. So, if you’ve noticed a decline in your staff’s performance in the last few months, temperature could be the sole reason why.

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Achieve thermal comfort right across the workplace

Thermal comfort is the term used to describe a state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment. Unfortunately, there are many workplaces still yet to achieve thermal comfort for its occupants.

For any indoor workplace, heat pumps are the easiest way to adjust temperatures quickly.

With the ability to select accurate degrees of temperature, heat pumps are also extremely effective in achieving thermal comfort for each individual in a workplace, whether it’s cooling down or warming up.

In summer, ideal temperatures for thermal comfort are between 19-24°C in light clothing, and in winter 18-22°C in warm clothing. Heat pumps can reach these temperatures at the touch of a button. There is no waiting around for the temperature to rise or drop, once the temperature has been set, the effect is instant.

We are all unique and therefore have different perceptions of thermal comfort.

With adjustable fan speeds and direction of airflow, heat pumps are one step ahead, catering to those who like to be slightly cooler or warmer than the rest. Heat pumps are very customisable with the ability to adjust much more than temperature.

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When you’re in charge of staff, it is your legal obligation to identify risks and ensure a safe working environment. Even though temperature is a major risk factor, it is often overlooked as a standard of health and safety.

Whatever the size of your workplace, we have something for you in our extensive range of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. With heating and cooling functions in one unit, a heat pump is all you’ll need in both winter and summer.

Our light commercial series is ideal for open plan offices and retail spaces, allowing for more power than domestic models. We also have industrial models for larger workplaces.

There really is no reason why your workplace should go without the ability to adjust the temperature.

Install a heat pump and enjoy adjustable workplace temperatures all year round. Call us today.