Heat pumps are the best choice when it comes to keeping your home comfortable year-round while saving on energy costs. These systems provide heating and cooling at an affordable price, making them an ideal solution for many homeowners.

However, regular maintenance is essential because they work year-round, switching from hot to cold. Cleaning your heat pump and getting it serviced when the seasons change is necessary to ensure your unit operates at peak performance and maximum efficiency.

Signs your heat pump needs cleaning

Before delving into the importance of cleaning your heat pump regularly, let’s identify some signs that indicate it may need attention:

  • Reduced airflow: If your heat pump is not blowing as much air out through the vents as it used to, it indicates that the system needs cleaning.
  • Slower heating or cooling: Is your heat pump taking longer to heat or cool your space? This can signify reduced efficiency due to dust and dirt buildup.
  • Unpleasant odours: Odd, musty smells or dampness from your heat pump vents can indicate the presence of mould or accumulated dirt, highlighting the need for cleaning.

The benefits of regular cleaning and servicing

Now that we’ve identified the signs let’s explore why cleaning your heat pump regularly is essential:

Extending lifespan

Your heat pump is a valuable investment in your home’s comfort. By keeping it regularly serviced and clean, you can ensure it has a long and productive life. This includes caring for the smaller components on the inside that make up the unit. Remember, it’s more cost-effective to maintain your heat pump than to replace it prematurely.

Improved air quality

Clean filters in your heat pump help keep indoor air fresh and clean. Filters work to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants. If your filters are dirty or clogged, they won’t perform this crucial task effectively. Regular cleaning and servicing help maintain clean filters, ensuring air quality remains high.

Energy efficiency

A well-maintained and clean heat pump operates at its best. If your unit has an issue or problem, it may consume more energy than usual, resulting in higher energy bills. By staying on top of maintenance, you’ll save money in the long run by maximising energy efficiency.

Cleaning your indoor heat pump maximises it's efficenty.

Cleaning your indoor heat pump

The indoor unit of your heat pump plays a pivotal role in maintaining indoor comfort. Here’s how to clean it effectively:

Front panel: Lift and remove the front panel to access the filters. Wipe it with a soft, dry cloth or rinse it with water, but avoid soaking it for over two hours. Dry it thoroughly before refitting it.

Air filter: Remove and clean the air filter by gently rinsing it with water (no hotter than 50°C). Dry it in the shade before reinstalling it.

Heat exchanger: Clean the heat exchanger vertically, moving a large brush up and down the fins. Avoid cleaning horizontally, as it can damage the heat exchanger. Use a small brush connection for hard-to-reach spaces.

Cleaning your outdoor heat pump

Don’t forget about the outdoor part of your heat pump. Overgrown weeds and plants can block airflow, reducing efficiency. Consider these tips:

Inspect regularly: Ensure the outdoor unit is free from obstructions like weeds and shrubs that may hinder airflow.

Professional inspection: Schedule periodic professional inspections to check for internal issues or parts that require cleaning or replacement.

Get professional help

Your heat pump plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

During the winter, it works diligently to keep your home warm; in the summer, it cools your space efficiently. Doing everything means it’s working twice as hard as regular heaters and air conditioners, so to ensure it continues to perform optimally, cleaning your heat pump when the seasons change is crucial.

While we have gone through how to clean your heat pump, it’s also a task professionals can handle better.

We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to conduct a thorough cleaning and servicing, ensuring your heat pump operates optimally, lasting longer and reducing energy bills.

Remember, a clean heat pump is a happy heat pump, which means a comfortable and cost-effective home.

Contant us today if you want your heat pump serviced, helping you enjoy year-round comfort with lower energy costs.