It’s a well-known fact that if we want our household appliances to stand the test of time, we need to look after them. This no different for heat pumps. If you have a heat pump, protect your investment with annual heat pump servicing.

We can all be forgiven for forgetting to pay attention to our heat pumps.

As most sit high on the wall, their subtle presence can often mean they’re overlooked.

Make a conscious effort to give your heat pump the TLC it deserves. It doesn’t ask for much, but a little goes a long way.

Heat pump servicing is like an annual warrant of fitness on the appliance. It ensures there is nothing that could inhibit your heat pump from working at its optimum performance. Anything that could be a problem is quickly resolved, giving your heat pump a much better chance at a long, energy-efficient life.

Let’s take a look at why heat pump servicing is an essential part of owning a heat pump.

heat pump servicing

Heat pump servicing minimises long-term costs

If you’re worried about shelling out for annual heat pump servicing, we need to give you a little perspective.

Heat pumps require a professional service once a year.

It’s a quick and painless process carried out by our expert team.

They look at all aspects of the heat pump, resolve any issues, then reassemble the device and let you get on with your day. If there is anything that might need further assistance, your technician will give you the best advice for going forward.

The average life of a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is 10-15 years. If we didn’t undergo this annual process of  heat pump servicing, the life of the heat pump would be significantly shorter. If you can’t justify the annual cost of heat pump servicing, we doubt you’ll be very happy about the cost of replacing the entire heat pump system!

Long-term, heat pump servicing is by far the most cost-effective solution in owning a heat pump.


Maintains healthy home heating

As heat pumps are designed to remove dust and allergens from the air, particles build up over time that could prevent the heat pump from working efficiently. Worse still, this very function will cease to work properly if the heat pump is already clogged up.

Cleaning filters every couple of weeks is something all heat pump users are equipped to handle. We advise all of our clients to clean their heat pump filters and remove any dust build-up.

However, heat pump servicing is far more in-depth. Our technician will check out all aspects of both indoor and outdoor units and run several performance tests to ensure the entire system is working efficiently. In the end, we want to ensure your heat pump is saving you money on energy costs and removing harmful pathogens from the air.

Healthy home heating is one of the biggest advantages of having a heat pump installed.

Users are often unaware of the amount of dust that can be trapped inside the heat pump over the course of a year. If dust build-up becomes too much for the heat pump to handle, the device will have to work harder to deliver adequate heat to your home. It will also have little room to remove more dust from the air.


When is the best time for heat pump servicing?

Put it this way, heat pump servicing is a preventative measure. For this reason we recommend calling us out for a service before you encounter a problem, rather than waiting for one to occur.

As heat pumps are working their hardest to heat in Winter and cool in Summer, we suggest having them serviced in Autumn or Spring to prepare them for the season ahead.

In saying that, keep a look out for warning signs!

While we recommend that heat pump servicing should be carried out once a year, there are some instances where your heat pump may need an additional check-up. Although we only sell Mitsubishi Electric products, we are happy to service any brand of heat pump.

If you are experiencing high power bills, unusual odours or sounds, or your heat pump is not heating or cooling adequately, have one of our technicians take a look. We’ll send an experienced heat pump doctor to come and see what’s going on.

spring time

We wholeheartedly believe that heat pump servicing is something that all users should schedule at least once a year.

If your heat pump is in need of a check-up (whether it appears to be healthy or not), call us today and have a technician come and take a look.

It is without a doubt that you’ll get the most out of your investment by servicing your heat pump.