We get how frustrating it is when you run into heat pump problems. Imagine it’s a dreary day and a bitter wind whips around your face. You can’t wait to get into your nice warm home, at the thought of it your pace quickens, you throw open the front door pick up your heat pump remote, hit the power button, and…..nothing. Don’t worry we’ve got the answers to the four most common heat pump problems sorted here. Find out what’s going on with your heat pump and how to fix it.

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It just stops and won’t turn on!

What to do when your heat pump just doesn’t work or won’t turn on. It is extremely frustrating when you’re looking forward to returning to a warm home only to find that your heat pump won’t even turn on.

It can be a common problem, that also has some easy solutions. This can be caused by something as simple as the batteries in your remote – try changing the batteries in your remote (usually 2x aa) and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, check that your heat pump is receiving power. Check the mains power in your house is still on and the switch hasn’t flicked off (or tripped). Check for any loose wires or blockages that may be causing the issue – if you see any of these you may need to call in a heat pump expert.

It makes strange noises

Is your heat pump trying to talk?

Making weird rattles, bangs, and just generally strange sounds?

This can be an annoying heat pump problem – don’t fret until you try some of our solutions.

The most common causes of your heat pump making weird noises are that the vents are shut or there are loose parts. Check your heat pump over to make sure nothing on the exterior has come loose, such as a screw. Make sure the air vents are open and test it again. Check your outdoor unit as well, and make sure there are no leaves or grass near the vents. If your heat pump still doesn’t sound right after you have checked for blockages or loose items – then you should call your heat pump expert to investigate further.

It doesn’t respond to the remote

Just like any other technology heat pumps can sometimes run gave a few problems too, but these are usually a super easy fix!

What to do when your heat pump won’t respond? Often, having a little patience can help.

It’s not recommended to press lots of buttons on the heat pump remote all at once, especially on start-up, as it can take a heat pump a little time to wake up (just like we do in the morning). If that’s not the problem, check the batteries in the remote – doing this majority of the time resolves the issue. We’d recommend changing your batteries at least once a year to avoid this. Man-cleaning-heat-pump-filters

No heat at all

Sometimes you can switch your heat pump on and sure it’s blowing air but not enough!  This usually happens because the filters need cleaning or the air ducts are blocked.

The way a heat pump works is the outside unit draws in the air around it. It takes the heat energy from the outside air which in turn heats up the refrigerant gas inside.

The heated gas is transferred through the pipework to the heat pump, which draws the air from within the house over its coil then it heats the cold air.

What can happen is the indoor heat pump filters can get blocked which limits airflow over the coils. This in turn restricts the amount of heated airflow from the heat pump.

The first step is to check the outdoor unit.

Make sure nothing is blocking or covering the outdoor unit.

Check your filters and ensure they are clean and free of dirt and other loose material. If they are dirty – that’s good news because your air filtration system is working on keeping your air clean.

But, it also means you need to clean them to allow sufficient airflow through the filters.

Make sure you keep on top of regular maintenance and keep the filters cleaned to help avoid this problem altogether.

To ensure your heat pump is running efficiently try these solutions. We do recommend having your heat pump system cleaned and checked by a professional at least once a year.

If you are having any issues with your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump or have any concerns about its operation get in touch with us today. We only install Mitsubishi Electric heating systems because we believe they are the best brand with a quality product. If you want to find out more about getting a heat pump in your home give us a call. We have a great knowledgeable team who can help you diagnose and fix your heat pump problems fast. Check out what our customers say about us, or if you have other FAQ’S head over to our website.