With springtime just around the corner, we’ll all be looking forward to the much-needed change of season. But as we transition into spring, we will have to adjust to new temperatures again.

While springtime is beautiful, it is also the most unpredictable season of the year.

One minute there are clear blue skies and the next it’s hailing outside.

We can go from one extreme to the other without even noticing how quickly things changed.

It’s this time of year when the phrase ‘four seasons in one day’ couldn’t be truer.

Heat pumps offer temperature stability when outside temperatures are bouncing from warm to cold and back to warm again.

Let’s take a look at how heat pumps will bring you optimum comfort as we move from winter to spring.

heavy rain during change of season

Automatic setting adjusts to fluctuating outdoor temperatures

It’s a common misconception that you’ll be up and down changing your heat pump’s temperature if temperatures outdoors are unstable. This may have been the case in the very early days of heat pumps but it wasn’t long before technology overcame this factor.

Fluctuating temperatures and strong winds are tell-tale signs that spring is in full swing. While it is difficult to dress appropriately for the several different temperatures you’ll experience in one day, at least we can maintain a single, comfortable temperature inside.

All Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps have an automatic function. This means that no matter what the temperature is doing outside, your home will remain at the same level of comfort that you have decided on.

How does this happen, you ask?

The theory of heat pump technology is simple.

Heat pumps work by taking available heat from the outdoor unit and pumping it inside. When set to automatic, your heat pump will recognise a shift in outdoor temperatures and either take more or less heat from the outdoor unit to maintain the same temperature indoors.

Outdated heating systems take a long time to adjust to temperature changes and require manual intervention to do so. But, with heat pumps, recognition is quick and you will be none the wiser that it’s suddenly bitterly cold outside.

The automatic setting is ideal for both households and workplaces as no one has to argue about the temperature. As it is automated for you, there is no need for anyone to feel too hot or too cold, or to even get up from their seat to adjust the thermostat.

Comfortable home temperatures whatever your climate

Across New Zealand, each location has a typical climate. While being a relatively mild weather country, there are still plenty of locations that see snow right through to the end of spring.

It’s these locations that tend to experience more drastic temperature fluctuations during a change of season. Until summer is officially here, you never know when that final dump of snow is going to hit and it has been known to happen when we think the snow season is well and truly over.

We recommend Mitsubishi Electric’s HyperCore heat pumps to homes in colder locations. Not only can these heat pumps perform at optimum levels right down to 15Co but they are more equipped to handle drastic temperature fluctuations.

As more and more customers come to understand the power of HyperCore technology, we’re seeing these heat pumps become increasingly popular throughout New Zealand.

When it comes to handling a change of season and the highs and lows of springtime, heat pumps will allow you to enjoy the comforts of home, whatever your climate.

change of season

Springtime can be breathtakingly beautiful on one hand and incredibly frustrating on the other.

While the flowers are in bloom and we see some warmer temperatures on the horizon, we often have to retreat to our homes to escape the strong winds and fluctuating temperatures.

Fortunately, Mitsubishi Electric has developed automated settings to combat sudden rises and falls in outdoor temperatures without the need for user intervention. We will be treated to more and more sunshine as spring progresses, but icy winter temperatures can make sudden appearances through to the end of the season.

Prepare for the most unpredictable season of the year with a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

Whatever the model – high wall, floor console, ceiling fan, ducted or a mixture of each – Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are your best bet for ensuring you enjoy comfort indoors while things are a little crazy outside.

Spring is also a great season to start thinking about how you’re going to stay cool in the impending summer heat.

Don’t be caught off guard, call us today to have a chat about the heat pump model that’s right for your space.