Heat pumps are renowned as being one of the best ways to heat your home. Mitsubishi Electric combines exceptional energy efficiency with award-winning design so your heat pump unit can blend in to reflect your interior design style. However, an external outdoor heat pump unit can sometimes be something you want to ‘hide’. The good news is this is a super easy fix. All you need is some creativity and inspiration to get you started.

There are many different ways you can improve the look of your outdoor external unit or hide from view altogether if you prefer. Hiding your outdoor heat pump unit doesn’t need to be expensive either. You can easily build something from scratch or purchase non-expensive items and turn it into a key feature of your outdoor space.

Here are three creative ways you can hide your outdoor external heat pump unit.

Create a plant box

If you’re short on space, there are ways you can utilize the area where your outdoor external unit is placed to create a multi-purpose area. By simply adding a ventilated box over your outdoor unit you can create an area for plants, vegetables, or garden ornaments.

There are a number of companies that build ventilated boxes that you can simply pop over your outdoor external unit or of course, you could make one yourself.

Tip: Just make sure if you are going down the DIY route that your timber is treated for outdoor use.

Once the box is in place, it functions to hide your unit but also gives you an area with multiple uses. On top of your ventilated box, you now have a secondary use as a table for arranging garden pots, vegetable planters and garden ornaments. You can find more inspiration for boxing your external outdoor unit here.

Turn your outdoor heat pump unit into a feature

There are many ways you can creatively turn your external unit into art or make it a feature in your outdoor area.

One simple idea to hide your external unit away is to border it with outdoor artwork. You could do this with concrete statues, or metal art such as metal flower ornaments.

Beyond a wooden trellis, you can also buy decorative screens from your local hardware shop. These are UV resistant and pretty easy to knock up. All you need is to build or buy is a frame to support the panel.

The great thing about decorative screens is that they come in a range of colours and designs. For example, if you live by the coast you can buy panels with palm tree patterns that match the coastal environment.

If a panel is not what you’re after or it doesn’t suit your existing décor, you can look at creative artwork that will happily disguise your outdoor external unit.

Create a privacy screen

If you have room around your outdoor external unit, you can create a privacy screen which hides your unit. It will also create a point of interest in your garden or outdoor area.

You can create a privacy screen from any of these:

  • build one from scratch or buy a trellis panel from your local hardware store
  • use gabion boxes to hide the outdoor external unit
  • create a faux plant wall panel
  • an old door for a shabby chic look
  • trellis planter screen

Outdoor privacy screen

Staining your trellis or wood panel to match your deck or paint it a similar colour to your house will look effective too. If you use a gabion box, you can match the stones used to the colour of your home.

To create a faux plant wall is really easy. You can do this by glueing artificial plants from a craft store to add a pop of colour and a modern feel to your outdoor space.

Growing a vine over a privacy screen will do wonders for improving the look of your outdoor external unit too. Wisteria, English Ivy, and Star Jasmine are some popular plants at the moment that add interest and colour.


Just make sure you don’t box in your outdoor external unit entirely; it still needs to be accessible for maintenance and cleaning

Use treated timber if you are building your own ventilated box or frame – that way it will last a lot longer!

If you haven’t yet had your heat pump installed – talk to a professional about your options on placement of the external outdoor unit

Voila! There you have it. Three super simple ways to creatively hide your outdoor heat pump unit. With these three ideas, you can easily transform it into a key feature of your outdoor space.

Our technicians know exactly what environment heat pumps need to perform at their best and can advise where the perfect spot is for your outdoor unit. If this space needs to be prepared, our technicians will also explain what needs to be done.

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With our ongoing customer service, you can rest assured that your heat pump will be a great investment.

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