We hear often about people moving into their brand-new home or a home that is only a few years old, to find that they have condensation and moisture issues! You may wonder how you can fix this or whether you should worry about this. There is a range of heat and home ventilation heat pump systems that will help.

There are many different reasons why your home may have moisture issues and sometimes a combination of those reasons can mean excess moisture in your home – especially during winter. 

While it is frustrating,  the good news is that there is a range of heat pump systems that can help prevent moisture and condensation in your new home.

How heat pump systems work to eliminate moisture

Heat pumps are amazing appliances! They have many functions, not only do they allow heat and cool air to flow effectively through your home but they can also help with moisture and condensation issues.

What better way to keep your family healthy during winter when moisture levels are high?

Some of our heat pump systems have a ‘dry’ mode, which means pulling moisture from the air circulating within your home. Keeping moisture and condensation under control is going to not only protect your home, save you time and money on wiping down windows but also provide healthier air that you and your family breathe in.

All units are equipped with air filters, which also help filter moisture, dust, and bacteria. 

The dry mode setting can be run for short periods throughout the day and can be auto-set if you have a Wi-Fi capable model. 

The dry mode function specifically works by pumping more clean air around your home, acting in a similar way to opening your windows. However, especially during winter when there is more moisture in the air, it is very effective at taking moisture out and preventing condensation.

For example, when you have your windows open on a rainy day it means air and moisture are entering your home, while the dry mode function is only bringing clean air into your home.

You can still have a warm home and a dry one

It is really frustrating when you move to a brand-new home or one that is only a couple of years old, to see the windows covered in moisture and condensation. This becomes more common through the winter months, obviously when there is more moisture in the air outside our homes.

heat pump systems to reduce moisture and condensation

It is a very common complaint but it can be fixed! It is not just the job of a heating system to keep you warm, but also dry – which is just as important too.

When should you worry?

Mould and dampness are a common problem in many New Zealand homes. Thus can affect your breathing and bring a whole lot of other unnecessary problems for you and your family.

Once you start noticing condensation and excess moisture in your home, acting on the problem straight away will help save potential damage to your home and save you money in the long run.

Your best bet is to get in touch with experts who can help you decide on the right system for your home. 

We have several options that can assist with the reduction of moisture and condensation such as: 

A home ventilation system

A home ventilation system is different from a heat pump because rather than just heating and cooling, it is specifically designed to constantly keep your home well ventilated. Heat pump systems do provide a dry mode function, but can’t be run in dry mode all the time.

Energywise has found that on average a family can produce around 8 litres of water just from everyday activities like cooking and even showering. One way to prevent moisture build-up is to have good airflow through your house, simply opening doors and windows throughout the day. However, we know that sometimes that isn’t an easy option for everyone, especially if no one in your household is home during the day to keep windows open. That’s where a ventilation system steps in.

If you are still having problems with condensation issues and moisture, then you may need to think about adding in a complementary system that deals all day every day with airflow through your home. A Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Home Ventilation System is all about good clean air constantly flowing through your home. It removes old musty air and moisture in your home and brings in fresh clean filtered air from the outdoors. Unlike some systems, the Lossnay Home Ventilation System focuses on bringing air from the outside and not from in your roof cavity.  

To help our customers decide on tricky problems such as this, we have created a heat pump calculator that can assist you in finding a heat pump or ventilation system that is right for your home. 

So, while you may think you can escape moisture and condensation in a new home, sometimes that isn’t always the case. Rest assured we have a range of heat pump systems that can work in your home to help keep the moisture out and keep dry fresh air flowing through your home.

Understanding the way heat pumps work opens your mind to what it means to truly have healthy home heating.

Flocon is dedicated to improving the health of homes in the Auckland area. To do so, we believe heat pumps should be your number one choice of heating systems.

Heat pumps are undoubtedly the most effective form of heating.

With the ability to set them to different modes, heat pumps can be customised to suit a number of situations, including moisture and condensation.

If you are looking to invest in healthy home heating, call us today.