You can fix all your cold air problems in the winter and all your hot air problems in the summer with a split air conditioning system unit.

There are many fancy terms out there for different systems of heating and cooling. We’ve talked previously about the benefits of having a dual system that heats and cools simultaneously.

That’s exactly what a split system air conditioning unit does.

In this post, we outline three things worth knowing about split system air conditioners that will be beneficial if you want to install one of these excellent systems.

Split system air conditioners are the most popular in New Zealand

Modern technology means we can efficiently and economically keep our homes both warm and cool. The majority of split system air conditioning units (also called reverse cycle systems) come with all the bells and whistles including wifi control

One thing you need to consider is the type of features that your split system air conditioning unit includes, as there are many different types of features available.

So think about your lifestyle – what do you need or want?

And how would these fit in with and benefit your home? 

Along with energy efficiency, it pays to look at the brand you purchase and if they commit to sustainable practices.

Mitsubishi Electric products have many excellent features, special settings, and advanced air filtration technologies. They have also introduced a business policy called ‘Eco Change‘ – which is the Mitsubishi Electric brand’s commitment to sustainable practice and operations. So you not only get a long list of great features and advanced technology but energy efficiency and an environmentally friendly option as well.

Are split system air conditioners expensive to run?

This is the good news – no they aren’t. Especially when you compare them to other forms of heating and cooling. Of course, the cost to run one will depend on how you use it and the star rating.

Checking the star rating will help you choose the most energy-efficient option.

The Energy Rating Label has a scale of stars to show how energy efficient a model is, compared to other models the same size/capacity. More stars = more energy efficient. – Consumer.

Consumer has created a really helpful guide including a calculator that can help you work out how much it should cost you to run a system.

Do you have to have an outdoor unit?

Yes, you do. But if you are worried about how it looks, or where to put it, ask for a free consultation with your installer.

Alternatively, there are some creative ways that you can hide outdoor units!

How does a split system air conditioner work?

A split system air conditioning system has two units – an indoor and an outdoor. They work together to bring either cool or warm air into your home.

The indoor unit is responsible for the settings and controls as well as releasing the cold air into your space. The outdoor unit pumps the warm air away and returns cool air to the indoor unit. This cycle works in reverse with warm air.

You can learn more about Mitsubishi Electric products that use this system here.

How do split air conditoners work

Why choose a Mitsubishi Electric system?

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of every product that Mitusbishi Electric creates – improving the lives of people who use them and the world we live in. The Mitsubishi Electric brand is recognised for quality and technological advancement, and this commitment covers all aspects of its operations.

Mitsubishi Electric has a great range of commercial, industrial, and residential systems suitable for all requirements. They carry their promise of quality with a strong commitment to their customers and warranties to provide you with peace of mind.

This kind of commitment to quality enables our range to consistently win Consumer Awards such as the Canstar Most Satisfied Customers 2014, 2015, 2017, The Readers Digest Most Trusted Heat Pump Brand in 2015, 2017, and the Consumer Top Heat Pump Brand Award 2017 Mitsubishi Electric NZ

At Flocon, we believe in developing firm relationships with our partners as this enables us to provide a customer-first approach to business.

We choose to install only Mitsubishi Electric systems – simply because we’ve been in the industry for a long time and we know they are the best.

Being in the business of installing heat pumps is not only about providing Auckland homes with the best heating and cooling solution, but it’s also about ensuring our customers are really saving money the way heat pumps should allow.

We are happy to provide our customers with handy advice on how to use heat pumps in the most efficient way and answer any questions you may have on installation. As a team of electricians, we have all the technical knowledge to give factual, accurate answers. and we are able to show our customers how to get the most cost-saving benefits out of their units.

At Flocon, we put our customers first. We want you to feel like you’ve made a great decision by having a heat pump installed and we will go over and above to make sure this is the case.

If you would like to learn more about a split system air conditioning unit then feel free to get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.