Keeping yourself and your family comfortable on these hot summer days is more manageable in dry heat. But if you’re living in areas of extreme temperatures and increased humidity levels, you’ll know that it can be unbearable.

The opposite also happens in winter with cold weather. Lucky for us, technology has come a long way, and it turns out air conditioning removes humidity!

Reducing the humidity in your home or place of business makes life much more comfortable.

How exactly does an air conditioner remove humidity?

Most people think that an air conditioner is just a system that pumps cold air into a room.

In fact, air conditioning removes humidity, heat, and moisture from a room.

By doing so, the air will become cooler. Cool air will be blown into your home simultaneously, but that will not be enough to cool down your home. The humidity is what needs to be removed from the air too.

The reason people feel so uncomfortable when humidity levels rise is that our bodies cool off by perspiring. When it’s humid, the air has more moisture, which traps the heat, making it difficult for our sweat to evaporate.

This is where an air conditioner will come in handy.

Here’s how it works:

Built into your air conditioner will be an evaporator coil. Beneath this will be a pan that collects evaporated water. When your air conditioner is turned on, it will be sucking in the air. This air will be forced around the evaporator coil and remove the water from the air by evaporating it. Therefore the air in your home will be cooled down, and you will feel a lot less muggy as the moisture will be removed from it.

air conditioning removes humidity and helps you sleep

How removing humidity benefits you

Mould and fungus love a humid environment. These two issues alone can cause significant and costly problems to your home and health.

An excess of humidity can also cause musty odour, peeling paint or wallpaper, and visible water stains, to name a few. By achieving the correct moisture balance in your home with an air conditioner, you’ll also be gaining some of these added benefits.

  • Help prevent flu
  • Help prevent allergic reactions
  • Better air quality
  • Fewer insects and parasites
  • Protects electronic devices from overheating
  • Cooler environment
  • Natural temperatures that help you sleep
  • A significant less risk in mould repair costs

What is the best air conditioning unit for you?

Many air conditioning systems remove humidity. But keep in mind that it also depends on the type of air conditioner unit you have. Air conditioners can be installed on the ceiling, the wall, and the floor.

The model you should get comes down to one determining factor; the size of your room.

Getting a model that’s too small for your living space won’t cool you down (or heat you up), and installing one that’s too big and powerful for a small room is just inefficient, running up your energy bills unnecessarily.

If you are unsure of what you need, a professional will be able to tell you the best size and model for your unique needs.

air conditioning removes humidity in couples home

Remove humidity in your home with a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner

Air conditioning not only removes humidity but can keep you and your family cool over summer and warm over winter without having to buy two separate units.

But what type should you buy?

We have aligned ourselves exclusively with who we believe to be the best in the industry for efficiency, customisation, and overall excellence. That’s why we recommend the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump and air conditioning range.

We sell a full range of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and air conditioning units that are energy-efficient, silent, and made with the environment in mind.

With many to choose from that cater to different needs, including home and commercial use – feel free to give us a call, and one of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to walk you through which air conditioner is right for you.

Contact us today and remove humidity from your home!