Summer is such a wonderful season. After all, those long sunny days are what we look forward to all year. But when it’s time for bed, the heat can hinder our chances of a good night’s sleep. With home air conditioning systems, sleepless summer nights are a thing of the past.

We tend to make the most of our time during summer by getting outdoors, socialising more and soaking up all that vitamin D. However, unless we get the sleep we need, it’s hard to enjoy all the beauty that summer brings. Feeling fatigued from lack of sleep can see you wasting those precious summer moments we have waited so long for.

When the hottest months kick in, it simply isn’t enough to push the blankets off. You need something to cool the whole house down.

Don’t spend your summer putting up with sleepless nights. Air conditioning systems eliminate a number of factors that impact a good night’s sleep.

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The health benefits of a good night’s sleep are hard to ignore

Our health is the first thing to suffer when we’re running on empty after constant sleepless nights. While it’s okay to have the odd all-nighter, consecutive nights of little to no sleep is when we start to enter the dreaded insomnia zone.

Sleeplessness can be triggered by a number of factors – stress, babies, too much caffeine. In summer, however, many of us are much more susceptible to lack of sleep due to the heat.

By acknowledging the many health benefits of a good night’s sleep, we can see how important it is to invest in home air conditioning systems. Here are just some of the health benefits of good sleep.

  • More efficient metabolism
  • Improved memory
  • More motivation
  • Stress management
  • Balanced moods

When our sleep is affected, so too is our overall health and wellbeing.

Air conditioning systems improve air quality

Air quality is an issue that is very close to our hearts here at Flocon. We are strong believers that a healthy home is the starting point for a healthy family.

If your home is loaded with summer allergens and you’re an allergy sufferer, you’re bound to have a hard time arriving in the land of nod.

Air conditioning is well-known for its instant cooling effect. Literally a touch of a button is all it takes to achieve this. But the ability for heat pumps and air conditioning to remove allergens from the air is a lesser-known feature.

With constant advancements in heat pump technology, the filtration system within the device is so effective that it stops nasty bugs and allergens in their tracks before delivering clean, fresh air to you.

So, rather than let itchy eyes and a stuffy nose get in the way of your slumber, have a heat pump installed and reap the benefits of air conditioning in the summer.

Reduce outdoor noise

As much as we love to socialise in the summer, so too do our neighbours. Unfortunately, we don’t all socialise at the same time. So while you’re trying to sleep, your neighbours might be in for a big night.

You want to close the windows to block out the noise but it’s just too hot to do so.

There’s no escaping street noise or noisy neighbours when your house is hot. You have to put up with the noise to get even the smallest dose of a cool breeze.

Air conditioning systems allow you to get the best of both worlds. Cool temperature, no noise – a recipe for a great night’s sleep. In fact, air conditioning is going to bring your home to a much better temperature than open windows ever could.

Shut out annoying summer bugs

Keeping the windows closed at night is not only great for reducing noise, but it also keeps those summer bugs out of the house. Even if you’re one of the few people unaffected by the heat on summer nights, pesky mosquitoes take their toll on everyone eventually!

Just as you’re nodding off, the buzzing sound of mosquitoes is something that winds up even the calmest people! You turn on the light to find there’s not one but five mosquitoes in view, not to mention all the others you can’t see.

After your hour-long battle to squash every mosquito in sight, you’re always left with that one, invincible mosquito that will keep you up all night. Just another cause of a sleepless summer night that can be so easily avoided with home air conditioning systems.

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If there’s one thing we commonly hear from our clients, it’s that they wonder how they ever lived without air conditioning.

Heat pumps and air conditioning have become in-home necessities but their ability to positively impact our sleep is nothing short of a luxury.

Make the most of your summer and avoid sleepless nights. Heat pump installation is quick, easy and will set you up for year-round home comfort. Call us today.