Commercial heating improved immensely in the last couple of decades with innovative commercial heat pumps providing healthy, discrete heating solutions for all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces.

Much like in the domestic arena, heat pumps offer a long list of benefits to commercial properties. As we become increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of outdated heating solutions, it makes sense that we do away with these forms of heating.

Running a business comes with a wide range of overhead costs that most companies try their best to minimise. Being extremely energy efficient, commercial heat pumps help to bring overheads down in an area that has the potential to generate the highest cost: heating.

Mitsubishi Electric’s commercial heating and air conditioning systems apply to commercial spaces of all shapes, sizes and purposes. For a versatile, energy-efficient and healthy heating solution, you can’t go past Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

Discrete designs won’t interfere with workplace aesthetics

In offices and retail spaces, interior fit-outs are a big part of the company image. The last thing you want is a big, clumsy heating system interfering with that.

Fortunately, Mitsubishi Electric innovations have improved the heat pump designs, allowing them to discretely blend with commercial interiors. Light commercial heat pumps are perfect for offices and retail spaces as they have the capacity to heat a large space without being oversized. Mitsubishi Electric has also created a number of industrial-sized heat pumps for factories and large commercial spaces.

Mitsubishi Electric has covered all the bases when it comes to commercial heat pumps. Heating, cooling, ventilation and style are qualities every commercial space needs in a heating system. With Mitsubishi Electric heating and air conditioning systems, you’ll get all of these and more.

Office space

Commercial heat pumps with whisper-quiet technology

Overcoming distraction can be a daily challenge in the workplace so the last thing you want is to introduce yet another disturbance that can pull focus from the work at hand.

Outdated heating systems are notorious for their constant clunk as they work hard to produce adequate heat. The larger the system, the more noise you can expect.

Mitsubishi Electric commercial heat pumps do quite the opposite. Minimal noise is something Mitsubishi Electric has worked tirelessly to achieve, even in the largest commercial heat pumps. Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for their whisper-quiet technology so you can rest assured that your commercial heat pumps won’t cause any further distraction in your workplace.

Environmentally friendly heating for conscientious businesses

Heating a commercial or industrial space requires a high-performing heating system. With commercial heat pumps, high performance doesn’t have to mean excessive energy usage.

More than ever, businesses are aware of their environmental impact. While they make efforts to reduce waste and eliminate single-use plastics, businesses are also very conscious of reducing their energy usage.

Through tireless innovation, Mitsubishi Electric has created the most energy-efficient form of commercial heating. Not only does this mean that commercial heat pumps have less impact on the environment, but they’re also much more cost-effective to run than outdated heating methods.

Businesses don’t need to compromise on comfort when taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps offer the best of both worlds.

Health and comfort a top priority for employees

Healthy heating and cooling are essential in providing optimum working conditions for employees. If employees are uncomfortable, their focus and productivity will be directly affected.

Whether you’re in an office environment, retail space or an industrial workplace, temperature plays a huge role in employee performance. Discomfort is quickly felt if temperatures are too hot or too cold and can mean an irritable and fatigued workforce.

Heat pumps are extremely easy to use and regulate indoor temperatures. With an automatic function, heat pumps can maintain a pre-set indoor temperature based on the temperature outside. The heat pump will constantly adjust to any fluctuation in outdoor temperatures, ensuring the space stays at the same temperature all day.

commercial heat pumps

Mitsubishi Electric commercial heating and air conditioning systems are discrete, energy-efficient and easy to use. Commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes should be taking advantage of the many benefits of heat pumps.

If you’re yet to invest in this modern heating solution, give us a call today and have one of our experienced technicians assess your space for the perfect commercial heat pump.