The Mitsubishi Electric Black Diamond Heat Pump Series are very stylish! Let’s look at how these models meet both style and function!

Just like you can choose a fridge to match your interior décor, you now have the option to choose your heat pump to suit your home and interior design style.

The Black Diamond Heat Pump Series shows us exactly why Mitsubishi Electric is the best choice in heat pumps. And why we have chosen to align ourselves with this reliable and quality brand.

Enhanced with the latest technology like 3D i-See Sensor and Hypercore technology – you’ll soon see why the Black Diamond Heat Pump Series is an excellent choice in heat pump systems for your home.

Let’s have a closer look at why the heat pumps in the Mitsubishi Electric Black Diamond Series are so good!


You now have the option to complement your home decor style with a heat pump from a range of colours from the Black Diamond Heat Pump Series range.

Not only do you get a stylish design, that won the prestigious Red Dot Award– but you can be assured of a quality, energy-efficient heat pump system as well.

It offers the perfect balance between functionality and modern design.

“The Black Diamond Series features a unique gloss finish with a sleek brushed texture; displaying a deep colour that creates an elegant, striking impact.”

The Black Diamond series comes in three colours with a sleek glossy finish.

  • Red Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • White Diamond

colours Mitsubishi heat pump


The new Black Diamond Heat Pump Series still adhere tightly to the core values in Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

  • Super quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Nano platinum filter
  • 7-Day programme controller (same with programme)
  • Wi-fi connectable

Mitsubishi Electric is well-known as New Zealand’s quietest heat pump, and with the new Black Diamond Heat Pump Series, they haven’t let style comprise function.

3D i-See Sensor

Mitsubishi Electric has done it again with smart features in technology.

The 3D i-See sensing technology makes your Black Diamond Heat Pump completely customizable to your home. It analyses the temperature of the room and automatically adjusts to give you just the right amount of heating or cooling. You can make adjustments and personalize your heating or cooling preferences yourself.

The 3D i-See technology works by scanning your room with thermal detectors that split into 3 different temperature zones. The 3D i-See technology is clever enough to detect exactly where people are within the room. It then directs more warm or cool air in that direction or into that zone.

Not only can the Black Diamond Heat Pump Series detect where people are in a room but it can also sense a person’s temperature.  That way it ensures the room temperature is kept at a comfortable level. Not every day is the same – temperature-wise, fluctuations in coolness or warmth vary on the hour depending on many variations.

You may wonder how all these different functions will affect the cost of running the heat pump – but don’t worry it has an energy-efficient setting.

Filtration and clean air

We’ve talked in the past about why it’s important to have good air quality in your home. The Black Diamond Series takes it up a notch with its specially designed Plasma Quad Plus Air Filtration system.

Plasma Quad Plus Advanced Filtration

This unique piece of technology is a high-performance filter system. It takes away dust, mould, allergens, and lingering smells resulting in fresh clean air for your home. The Plasma Quad Plus filtration system catches microscopical particles in the air invisible to the naked eye.

3D i See Sensor Mitsubishi

The choice is yours

The Black Diamond Heat Pump Series of Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps has models to suit different homes, purposes, and functions.

You can get the Black Diamond High Wall Heat Pump for small and large spaces. Find out more here.

So, there you have it – an award-winning design that meticulously balances functionality, with top-spec technology and aesthetics.

We have chosen to work exclusively with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps and Air conditioning systems. We know that their stand-out quality and advanced technology is dependable.

The Black Diamond series has it all – 6-star energy efficiency rating, functionality, whisper-quiet technology, and a choice of three colours to enhance your décor.

We can help you choose a system that fits your home or office space, to help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

We offer free no-obligation quotes, so give us a call or an email to find out more about what a Black Diamond Heat Pump can do for your home today.